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Rose Shaw

"That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

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Name:Rose Shaw
Birthdate:Apr 20
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

ROSE SHAW (nee Gresham)

Rose is the second youngest of seven children to the Gresham family. She was preceded by two big brothers, Jacob and Charlie, and three big sisters, Julie, April and Maggie. Their parents were sure they had finished their babymaking, when all of a sudden, baby brother, Sonny, was on the way, the result of a failed vasectomy which their folks thought had been successful. The family's hometown is Jacksonville, Florida, but despite the warm climate and sunny location, a typical ginger like the rest of her family, Rose has really pale skin and will forever be bitter that she can't naturally tan and has to resort to a bottle. Her family are pretty close, but Rose was always encourage to do her own thing. She was always bubbly and happy, easily excitable, but could have a fiery temper on her when she wanted to, which matched her Aries star sign. Rose was always a bit of a nerd, though. She could be found with her nose in a book and Chemistry was her favourite subject in school. This led to her desire to become a Pharmacist, and when she was accepted to Long Island University in Brooklyn to do her Doctor of Pharmacy, she packed up and followed her sisters to the Big Apple.

She lives in New York with her sister, Maggie, who at New York University studying Performing Arts. The week Rose arrived in the City, she went to a bar to mingle with her new school mates a little and it was there she got to meet Damien Larson. Damien was new to the City also, and he was playing a gig at the bar. His music was fantastic, and Rose, never being the shy type, plopped herself down next to him and struck up a conversation. She learnt he was from South Carolina, loved music, and was gay. That sort of sucked, because he was really cute, but they connected from the start and are now BFFs, with Rose every bit the fag hag to Damien. In fact, he's the only one she ever confided in when she fell pregnant after a drunken one night stand six months after starting college. She didn't a baby, and she didn't handle the stupid mistake very well. She went to a clinic alone to get an abortion, but Damien managed to drag the information out of her so he could rush to her side and be there for her through it. She doesn't regret it, but she feels guilty it had to come to what it did. She can't even remember the guy's name she slept with, and she hasn't been stupid enough to fall into the same trap since.

Rose is now 23, and heading into her final year of college. She gets lonely when she's not around people, and in the wake of the stress over the accidental pregnancy, she was diagnosed with OCD. It's not severe, but she can fall into her obsessive-compulsive ways when she's highly stressed. She tried meditation and yoga, but got bored with it so now she just tries to stay busy and distracted. This was what let to Damien teaching her how to play the drums. He was well-versed with a few instruments, even though guitar is his true love. He needed a drummer for his performances, and Rose needed a new distraction. She took to it like a duck to water and ended up a regular little rock chick. She plays with him at all his performances and loves the pump of the rock scene. It's her chill-out in an otherwise busy schedule and it means she gets to hang regularly with her favourite guy.

She has a tattoo of a red rose on the inside of her wrist which she got when Damien wanted to get his as celebration of his new life in New York. She held it together for the entire inking, and then freaked the fuck out on Damien after the fact fearing germs and infections, and was almost manic over keeping it clean. She can laugh about it now, but it was the beginning of the worst of her condition coming out on her, so she values overcoming the fear of it anyway.

Rose is for the musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

Rose is an original character and has no fandom affiliation. Her backstory is the work of her mun. No copyright infringement intended. Her PB is Mary Kate Wiles, who belongs to herself. Her sole universe is [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
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